It was a pleasure and an honor to have been invited to this event. My group and I had a lovely time, and it was great to see some old friends and colleagues from my early days in martial arts. Sabumnim Washington has always been a true martial artist in my eyes; respectful and honorable. These qualities were also reflected in his students. I fought in several of Sabumnim Washington's tournaments at the Boy's Club in the Bronx, back when trophies didn't matter, only the honor of fighting another warrior. It's nice to see that his student, Sabumnim Terrence Postell, is following in his footsteps. I thank them for honoring me with an award that evening. There were many other martial artists there that night, senior to me, who were deserving of the appreciation. I am both humbled and grateful for the honor, and I wish Sabumnim Washington, Sabumnim Postell, and all who attended, prosperity and success in their future martial arts endeavors. 

                      -Sensei John Benedict 
David Washington's 
40th Martial Arts Anniversary Celebration

May 29th, 2010       Queens, NY
From left to right:
Sabumnim David Washington,
Sensei John Benedict,
Sabumnim Terrence Postell

                    Group Shot
From left to right:
Stephanie, Adam, 
Sempei Jim, 
Camille (Sempei Jim's wife),  Marianna (Sensei John's wife)
Sensei John Benedict, 
Sempei John Benedict, III

Riding in style in the limousine!

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