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"It is rare to meet a man with good character, fighting skill and teaching ability in one package."

Jim - Parent & Black-Belt

My name is Jim and have been affiliated with Seigi Dai Dojo since 7/25/06.  During this time period, I have been surrounded by some great people and an outstanding teacher.  I am a father of two children, Patrick 7 and Chloe 11.  They are both students of the dojo.  I too am a student and am 42 years old.
                As a parent, I’ve had the joy of watching my kids work with other students in the dojo to improve themselves.  I have witnessed children with low self esteem and poor self confidence become transformed through the guidance of Sensei John Benedict.  My daughter Chloe was a meek and non-confrontational child.  Before entering karate, I remember Chloe clinging to her mother’s side afraid of aggressive children and had little self confidence.   Participating in karate has raised Chloe’s belief in herself, taught her awareness, to speak up for herself and physically defend herself if necessary.  As a father I am concerned about protecting my daughter.  As much as I would like to, I cannot be around her 24 hours a day.  Sensei (John Benedict) has given her the tools and attitude to have when her parents aren’t around to protect her.  She has also become much more physically fit.  As a parent, I still worry about my daughter but am much more at ease that Chloe can handle herself when I am not around.
                As I mentioned earlier, I am also a student of the school.  When I first came to the dojo to watch a class, I had no intention of joining the school.  I was a karate student at a different school when I was in my twenties and was more interested in looking for a karate school for my kids.  When I was around Sensei I could see his love of karate and could feel his larger than life presence.  I could tell that this man was a serious warrior.  He convinced me that I could still do karate.  A few weeks later, I joined the school and have enjoyed the experience.  Two of the highlights have been competing in sparring at tournaments and meeting my Sensei’s teacher, Tony Lau who is Hanshi to me. Being 42 years old and being able to compete against people half my age with success is quite fun and exciting.  My Sensei’s training has given me an edge in these sparring competitions.  I’ve had good results and a riveting experience.   During one of the tournaments my Sensei matched me up with a black belt in the over 40 division.  My rank was green at the time which is considered much lower in the karate world.  I ended up winning the match.  I was proud of this accomplishment and I give the credit to the training I received.  The second highlight was being able to meet Hanshi.  I would equate this with meeting a very famous person.  On his rare visits, I try to absorb as much knowledge as possible and just enjoy his presence.  He is a true karate and kung fu legend.  I feel lucky to have been able to meet him.
                I’d like to say a few words about my Sensei.  Sensei is a man totally dedicated to karate.  He carries out his business with the highest degree of integrity and principle.  He is not in this for the money.  He does this because Karate is his passion.  His dojo rules are in place for the safety of all his students and to avoid misunderstandings.   Schools with many colored belts and degrees that are always looking for fees are not acting in your best interest.  Sensei takes a personal interest in all his students.  He expects them to behave appropriately, do well in school and to be respectful of others. It is rare to meet a man with good character, fighting skill and teaching ability in one package.  I feel lucky to have met him and to be part of his dojo.  

"In this day and age it is highly unusual to find business people in our community that truly care about our children."

Catherine & Steve - Parents
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