Welcome Home Joe!
Joe's Welcome Home Party/Workout from Boot Camp: December 27th, 2011
Joe's Letter from 
Boot Camp:

"I would like to personally thank you, Sensei. Everything you have taught me has helped me get through this. This place is freaking hell. Your mind goes insane and your body wants to give up. But you taught me not to give up and to be confident."

Joe, a student at 
Seitouha Karate, 
has recently completed boot camp and is now an official US Marine. 


Photo Album:
Jane, Joe's Proud Mother
To Joe and All Our Service Men and Women:

All of us at Seigi Dai Dojo are proud and grateful for your hard work and sacrifice in service to our beautiful country. May God protect you and keep you safe always. 

-Renshi John Benedict & Seigi Dai Dojo
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