Kanbukan Karate Invitational Tournament
Sponsored By: Sabumnim Terrence Postell, 
Karate USA Academy & the NY Kanbukan Association
      Karate USA Academy, Coram, NY  
Sunday, May 30th, 2010       
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About the Event

It was an honor to be included in this year's Invitational Tournament at the Karate USA Academy. Overall, the event was a great learning experience for everyone. The competition was fierce, the fighters were aggressive, but always accompanied with mutual respect & honor, sportsmanship, and fair judging. It's been a while since our dojo experienced a tournament free of prejudice, racism, and favoritism. What a pleasure it was for us to spend part of our Memorial Day weekend competing in a good, old-fashioned, traditional-style tournament! On behalf of all of us at Seitouha Karate, I'd like to thank Sabumnim David Washington and Sabumnim Terrence Postell for honoring me with an award at Sabumnim David Washington's Banquet/Seminar the evening before, and for hosting this great event!

-Sensei John Benedict

Tournament Results

Dominic: 3rd Place in Kata
Ryuki: 2nd Place in Kumite
Chloe: 3rd Place in Kata, 3rd Place in Kumite
Asaf: 3rd Place in Kata, 2nd Place in Kumite
Adam: 2nd Place in Kata, 1st Place in Kumite
Anisa: 3rd Place in Kata, 1st Place in Kumite
Tyler: 1st Place in Kumite
Daniel: 1st Place in Kata, 1st Place in Kumite
Elaine: 1st Place in Kata, 1st Place in Kumite
Phillip: 2nd Place in Kumite

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